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What is ILA
What is ILA?
If you have a middle-school student, you’ve certainly heard about ILA – probably just as much as you’ve heard about the Warrior Way - but do you really understand what it is? ILA stands for ‘Inquire, Learn, Achieve,’ and it provides a daily intervention for reading and math. Students are screened three times per year by administrators and if they aren’t at grade level standards for those subjects, they are provided with daily assistance so that they may improve. Students that are at grade level or higher may use the ILA time to quietly study, or they may take part in a rotating ILA course that might include engineering, video production or strength and speed training. Utilizing the ILA hour at the beginning of each school day, the staff at the Rice Lake Middle School is truly doing everything possible to make sure that all of their students are at or above grade level standards by the time they start high school.
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